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Conceria Montebello & ImPRO paint 4500m2 of forest

Breathing is important, that makes clean air a very important subject. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of the environment, and health and safety at work.

Creativity, innovation and sustainability are the words and values that Conceria Montebello and Airlite share. Conceria Montebello is proud to partner with Airlite and ImPRO to improve the air for the whole company.

Thanks to a special technology, 100m2 of surface area painted with Airlite has the same NOx absorbing qualities as 100m2 of mature tree-covered forests turning Conceria Montebello into 4500 m2 forest which removes the pollution of 157.406,00 Euro 6 petrol cars per year. Not only does this techno-savvy paint have massive air-quality improving performance, it’s completely 100% natural and completely VOC free.

Airlite turns any surface into an air purifier. Not only does it have zero energy consumption, it can cut energy costs between 15% - 50% when applied on external walls by drastically reducing the solar heat absorbed by surfaces. This revolution got important quality certifications by associations such as EUROFINS, Air Quality Alliance, and BREEAM and recognition by LEED AP Green Building Council for leadership in energy and environmental design.

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