• Finding the leather for your design is like finding the right words

    Finding the leather for your design is like finding the right words

An industrial atelier

Conceria Montebello produces bovine leathers, full grain and suede for the fashion sector. Both basic and sophisticated articles are designed and produced in collaboration with the most prestigious brands, suited for clothing, leather goods, footwear and interior design.


Research, technology and creativity team with the natural material, leather, thus innovating the ancient, exclusive Italian tanning tradition. Since prehistoric times, man has transformed this raw material to satisfy his primary need for clothing; today leather is the synthesis of naturalness and progress, leading us into a sustainable future.



  • Since the Sixties, the company has followed through the dream of Giuseppe Dalle Mese, founder of Conceria Montebello. From small business it has turned into one of the most important companies in Valle del Chiampo thanks to the family’s hard work and collaboration

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  • Conceria Montebello, our history

    Giuseppe Dalle Mese went to seek his fortune in France and found work in a wire drawing factory in Le Havre.

    After five years of hard, exhausting work and with the ambition of starting out on his own, in 1950, Giuseppe got on his bike and decided to return to Arzignano, his hometown.

    His willpower, entrepreneurial spirit and solid experience led him to found Conceria Montebello in 1967. Today a leader in the production of leather for clothing, leather goods, footwear and furnishings, the company started out as small business dealing in basic articles for footwear.              

    From a small firm with no more than a dozen employees, it continued to grow and in 1977 became a limited company. During the same period, the tannery broadened its horizons, expanding into the European and international market.

    A short while later, Giuseppe’s son, Gianfranco also started working for the family business. Experience gained in the tanning divisions and his inborn creativity translated into a visionary approach, capable of revolutionising the world of leather and developing highly innovative products.

    At the end of the 80’s Giuseppe, the founder, has been supported by his son Gianfranco and his son-in-law Filippo Brancati. Gianfranco is involved in the production and the research of new fashion trends, whereas Filippo manages the business and administrative area. The team is successful; and it is exactly in these years that the first collections and collaborations with designers have been  developed to offer fashionable and innovative products to the most prestigious Fashion Houses.

    The noughties saw heavy investment. The company was totally renovated thanks to intervention by Giuseppe’s daughter, architect Nadia Dalle Mese, who gave the buildings a new look, rationalising the entire production cycle and innovating the lines with new automated processes. Following this overhaul, the tannery achieved prestigious environmental and quality certification.

    In 2008, and for the duration of the international recession, the company laid off none of its employees, prioritising attention to its staff, an undisputed value for the entire family.

    In 2010 and 2011, the tannery further expanded its structure, thanks to automation in the warehouse, the opening of a new lamination division and improvement of management control.

    2016 saw inauguration of the laboratory built for in-house management of checks previously carried out by third parties. This meant an increasingly improved product for clients and achievement of sustainable development goals.

    In 2017, the tannery celebrates its 50th anniversary and welcomes  the entry of the third generation into the company in the last decade. They join the group with enthusiasm, energy and always looking to the future.


    Via Lungo Chiampo, 123 - 36054 Montebello (Vicenza) Italy - Tel: +39 0444 449511 -Fax: +39 0444 649457

    VAT 00584940241 - Share Capital 10.200.000€ - PEC

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